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Townsend Further Processing

Stork Food Systems was acquired by Marel in 2008. The acquisition included Townsend and Stork Titan, which have been among the most reputable brands in the further processing industry for years, renowned for innovation and quality.

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In 1946, former blacksmith, Ray Townsend, introduced the first Pork Skinner, Townsend Model 27. The rest, as they say, is history.

Townsend followed that original invention with sixty years of innovation and reliability. Next came the first pork belly skinner, then the first conveyorized skinner, first automatic trimmer with light sensor technology, first low-pressure injector, first automatic sausage linker and first continuous casing system.

Then in 2001, Townsend purchased Protecon-Langen. The marriage of their respective coextrusion technologies created the QX System Quality Coextrusion and tremendous opportunities for sausage processors.

Stork Titan

The Stork story in further processing begins at the end of the fifties at Machinefabriek Kruijer in Amsterdam. At that time the company had started manufacturing machines to make meat balls, known as Titan machines.

When Machinefabriek Menzing in Haaksbergen took over a part of Kruijer´s products, the Titan machines were incorporated into Menzings´ range.

At the beginning of the eighties the firm was taken over once more, this time by the Nijhuis brothers, who renamed it Titan International. A part of the production including its preparation was accommodated at Stork Nijhuis.

Stork had been active in the poultry processing industry for a number of years and realised that poultry processing does not stop with killing, evisceration and portioning. For this reason Titan International was taken over by Stork in 1988.

One company

Since 2010, Marel markets its whole range of products for the further processing segment under the brand name of Townsend Further Processing.

Under this name, Marel offers you equipment to meet all your further processing needs, including portioning and forming, marinating, coating, frying, cooking and sausage-making for poultry, red meat and fish.

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