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Annual General Meeting 2016

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Key dates

Feb 21 Deadline for proposals to the meeting
Feb 24 Agenda finalized
Feb 26 Deadline for submittance of candidacy
Mar 02 Annual General Meeting
Mar 03 EX-date for dividend
Mar 04 Record date for dividend
Mar 23 Payment of dividend

Address for mail-in ballots

Marel hf.
c/o AGM voting
Austurhrauni 9,
210 Gardabaer,

For electronic copy:

The Annual General Meeting of Marel hf. was held at the Company‘s headquarters on 2 March 2016.

Dividend Payment information

Final agenda:

  1. The report of the Board of Directors on the activities of the Company during the preceding year of operation.
  2. CEO´s operational report.

    CEO's Operational Report (PowerPoint)

  3. Submission of the annual accounts of the Company for the preceding year for confirmation.
  4. Decision on how to address the profit or loss from the Company’s operations for the year.
  5. Decision on remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors for the next year of operation and of the Auditor for the preceding year of operation.
  6. Report on the execution of the Company’s remuneration policy.
  7. Proposal on the Company’s remuneration policy.
  8. Elections to the Board of Directors.
  9. Election of an auditor or auditing firm.
  10. Proposal on an authorization for the Company to buy treasury shares.
  11. Any other business, lawfully presented.

Chairman's Address

CEO's Address

Information in relation to the Annual General Meeting

Document English Icelandic
Minutes of Meeting PDF  
Information on Dividend Payment PDF PDF
Decisions of Meeting PDF PDF
Highlights of Meeting PDF PDF
Convocation (draft)   PDF
Final agenda PDF PDF
Proposals of the Board of Directors PDF PDF
Information of director candidates PDF  
Power of attorney PDF  
Electronic ballot PDF  
Shareholder rights PDF  
Summary of ownership PDF  
Guidance on shareholders participation in balloting by mail PDF  
Remuneration policy PDF PDF
Annual accounts for 2015 PDF  
Annual report for 2015 Microsite  


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