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Marel Introduces Streamline Solution to the South African Market

04 Jul 2011

From carcass intake to product dispatch a truly turnkey solution

Beef processing companies looking for greater efficiency are increasingly focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial pointers for how effectively their plant is running. The KPIs are typically yield, throughput, quality, production control and stock management. Improvements to the continuous monitoring of the production may result in immense financial benefits to the processor.

Rodney Macer-Wright, General Manager, Marel SA says that, Marel’s comprehensive and state-of-the-art StreamLine beef deboning and trimming system enables processors to monitor and control the production from carcass intake to product dispatch online.

Streamline beef deboning & trimming

Carcasses from stock are weighed-in on an overhead track scale where information about each animal such as animal ID, age, slaughter date, farmer, PH value, etc, is captured by the Innova production control software system. Subsequent to that the carcasses are cut down according to individual specifications and weighed before entering the StreamLine for deboning/trimming.

Primals are distributed to work stations on the StreamLine, based on operator availability. Products are deboned, trimmed and skinned, according to individual specifications indicated on the terminals. All cuts are fully traceable, and yield, throughput, quality and other KPIs for each operator are registered and monitored online.

After deboning and trimming the primals are automatically distributed for individual or bulk packing in bags, and subsequently boxed, registered, labelled and sent to stock or dispatch.

The entire production process is monitored online by Innova Deboning and Trimming software. This Innova module supports both the Marel StreamLine and all the processes in front of and subsequent to the line, including weighing, grading, portioning, quality assurance, inventory and dispatch. The deboning and trimming module has been designed to include; individual traceability on every part, real-time instructions, monitoring of yield, throughput and defects and integrated quality control.

Another highlight of the Marel deboning and trimming system is the high standard of ergonomics built into the processing lines. With a bone pull system, the deboning operators have been given a more ergonomically correct work position, while operators at the trimming line no longer have to focus on which products are coming up, or need reach for products. Instead, they are automatically fed to each operator’s work station. This means that the job is less difficult and stressful for the operators, and repetitive strain injuries have almost been done away with.

“The StreamLine solution is an extremely versatile solution that can be customised and configured individually according to the client’s processing needs. The perception has been that this kind of solution is only for large processors. However it can be applied to and be affordable to the middle-sized producers who are prevalent in South Africa,” Macer-Wright concludes.