Main Benefits

  • Minimize the risk of fines and recalls
  • Automatically verify barcodes and confirm rejects
  • Ensure accuracy at speeds up to 160 packs/minute
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Marel’s VisionCheck is a quality assurance inspection system for labeling. VisionCheck verifies that the correct label stock has been used and that the label is legible.

The system automatically checks that all labels are correctly located and oriented, and automatically removes any packs that fail inspection from the production line.

Using predefined training, the system checks and optimizes the accuracy of labeling systems, and ensures compliance with label legislation across a wide range of products.

VisionCheck can accurately verify labeling quality at up to 160 packs per minute. It is very user-friendly, with easy font training and simple label configuration.


  • A modular system that can be configured to individual inspection and quality assurance requirements.
  • Top or top and base scanning ensures labeling quality at speeds of up to 160 packs per minute.
  • Automatically verifies label stock and whether label is legible.
  • Automatically checks labels are correctly located and oriented and that the correct number of labels is adhered.
  • Any packs that fail inspection are automatically rejected from the production line.

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