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Arcticflow Easyclean Freezer

Horizontal airflow tunnel freezer for freezing small and fragile products, such as shrimps, fish fillets and hamburgers.

Arcticflow Energia Mk8 Freezer

High-speed horizontal air flow freezer for flat and fragile products.

Superflow Energia Mk8 Freezer

High-speed vertical airflow tunnel freezer for rapid, homogenous freezing of a wide variety of flat and fragile products.

IQF Double Belt Freezer

Specially designed freezer for small individual food items, including shrimp, shellfish, fish and others.

Superflow Easyclean Freezers

Vertical air flow tunnel freezer for fragile or small products such as shrimps, fish fillets, hamburgers, and products placed on trays.

Spiral Freezer - IXP Mini

Spiral freezer with compact footprint for uniform, rapid freezing with major energy savings.

ArcticFlow® Spiral Freezers

Range of space saving spiral freezers, including models for small package units to large tailor-made solutions.