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M-Check 4800

A flexible, robust checkweigher for large, heavy items, including raw meat or pre-packed products.

M-Check 4700

High-speed checkweigher for wet and dry production lines.

M-Check RF8

All-purpose checkweigher designed to deal with wet and dry food products.

G1000 Checkweigher

Versatile, cost-effective checkweigher for general packaging applications.

MCheck 2 Checkweigher

Fast, accurate checkweighing for the food industry with full washdown


Arcticflow Easyclean Freezer

Horizontal airflow tunnel freezer for freezing small and fragile products, such as shrimps, fish fillets and hamburgers.

Arcticflow Energia Mk8 Freezer

High-speed horizontal air flow freezer for flat and fragile products.

Superflow Energia Mk8 Freezer

High-speed vertical airflow tunnel freezer for rapid, homogenous freezing of a wide variety of flat and fragile products.

IQF Double Belt Freezer

Specially designed freezer for small individual food items, including shrimp, shellfish, fish and others.

Superflow Easyclean Freezers

Vertical air flow tunnel freezer for fragile or small products such as shrimps, fish fillets, hamburgers, and products placed on trays.

Spiral Freezer - IXP Mini

Spiral freezer with compact footprint for uniform, rapid freezing with major energy savings.

ArcticFlow® Spiral Freezers

Range of space saving spiral freezers, including models for small package units to large tailor-made solutions.

Innova Software

Innova Weigh Price Labelling

Manages Marel weigh price labellers on site, ensuring real-time control and monitoring of labelling, order processing, boxing and palletising.

Innova Integration Services

Enables Innova to interact with third-party systems and syncronise master data between multiple systems in different locations.

Innova Packing

Advanced packing and labelling module with full inventory, order processing and palletising capabilities.

Innova Quality Control

Innova Quality Control enables paperless control and automation of your quality control process throughout the value chain.

Innova Labeling

Innova Labeling makes it much easier to manage raw materials and products throughout the production value chain. It enables you to control and automate your labeling process from receiving to dispatch, and create labels that fit both your customer and production needs.

Packing & End-of-line

WPL9040 Weigh Price Labeler

Precision weigh price labeling at speeds of up to 40 packs/min.

ST9 Simple Packing Station

Simple packing station that collates retail packs to a target count or minimum box weight.

TD9 Tray Diverter

Collates fixed weight or count boxes of packs and provides total labels on box, pallet or job level. Compatible with Innova.

TG9 Tray Grader

Collates boxes of packs with totalised labels on pack, box, pallet and job level, providing traceability on pack level. Compatible with Innova.

WPL9010 Manual Weigh Price Labeler

Manual Weigh Price Labeling for low volumes and individual packs, product development or products unsuited to automatic labeling.

Pack Turner

Pack handling ancillary that turns packs to wide-edge leading for correct presentation to the labeler.

WPL9160 Weigh Price Labeler

Precision weigh price labeling at speeds up to 160 packs/min.

WPL9100 Weigh Price Labeler

Precision weigh price labeling at speeds up to 100 packs/min.

WPL9060 Weigh Price Labeler

Precision weigh price labeling at speeds up to 60 packs/min.

MPL80 Weigh Price Labeler

Innovative top and C labeler with weigh price labeling capabilities.

LS40 Label Applicator

Self-adhesive label applicator performing at speeds up to 150 labels/min.

C3 Panel Label Applicator

For wrap-around application of C labels onto two or three sides of a tray or container.

Concept 500 Label Applicator

Self-adhesive label applicator for integration into packaging lines where production speeds and reliability are key.

OCM9500 Automatic Box / Crate Labeler

Waterproof weigh labeling for crates and boxes at speeds up to 35 items/min.

Multi-lane Converger

Channels multi-lane discharge from packing machine into single file.

Processing Systems

End of Line Range

Automated end of line systems for pack handling and labeling.


Floor Scales

Fast, reliable and compact scales that can operate as both single or dual-range units.

M1100 Scales

Grading and packing scale for simple applications for use in any sector of the food processing industry.

M2200 Scales

High-end, robust and flexible weighing scale for advanced applications.