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Grading & Batching

Custom Graders

Marel offers custom designed graders for any application.

Multihead Weigher for Seafood

The Marel Multihead Weigher offers fast and efficient batching of a range of seafood products.


Automatically weighs products into predefined fixed-portion sizes.

Innova Software

Innova Grading

Controls and monitors grading operations in real-time.

Innova Integration Services

Enables Innova to interact with third-party systems and syncronise master data between multiple systems in different locations.

Innova Packing

Advanced packing and labelling module with full inventory, order processing and palletising capabilities.

Innova Quality Control

Innova Quality Control enables paperless control and automation of your quality control process throughout the value chain.


Floor Scales

Fast, reliable and compact scales that can operate as both single or dual-range units.

Hopper Scales

Designed for weighing a continuous product flow into batches for packing and other purposes.

M1100 Scales

Grading and packing scale for simple applications for use in any sector of the food processing industry.

M2200 Scales

High-end, robust and flexible weighing scale for advanced applications.

Marine Scales

Scales for flexible weighing and packing for use on board fishing vessels and factory trawlers.