Innova Food Processing Software enables processors to maximize yield and throughput, conform to quality standards and ensure food safety, with traceability built into every process step.

Innova is continuously developed to fit changing market needs and requirements.

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Innova Pood Processing Systems

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The production management software supports a broad range of Marel’s processing equipment and allows processors to control single devices or a whole array of equipment across the plant floor.

It can also communicate with other systems, such as your ERP or other planning systems. This enables processors to optimize the overall food production, from reception of raw material to dispatch of products.



“Being able to present full TRACEABILITY for our products strengthens the trust between us and our customers”

Alda Gylfadóttir - Managing director of Einhamar Seafood


Innova empowers you to get the most out of your Marel processing equipment. Innova controls your equipment and manage all production parameters straight from the office.


Innova ensures you the most effective processing control available and provides real-time data for performance monitoring, enabling you to maximize profitability at each stage.



In a processing plant, key performance indicators such as yield, throughput, quality and efficiency are vital to your business.


Innova offers advanced weighing and labeling, fully connected with other steps in the process. The system fully enables packing, giveaway monitoring and finished goods labeling.



Innova ensures that processors integrate dependable quality control inspection in food processing plants. The system allows for flexible registration and reliable data collection.


Ensuring timely delivery is vital to customers, so it is crucial to have the right tools in place to manage all logistical challenges.



Innova manages and speeds up the complete order cycle, including purchase orders, production orders, inventory orders and sales orders.


The Innova traceability engine is built into every process step of the production to ensure that you can act quickly to minimize the size of recalls.



Innova offers standard data interfaces for all your production data. User-friendly non-stop integration with your other systems safeguards processing.



services & support

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We are committed to delivering innovative software solutions that add value to your business. This commitment starts when our experienced Software Consultants implement a system that fits your needs and extends throughout the lifetime of your system.


& support

Make the most of your investment with Innova services – from assistance with routine issues on general software use, to advanced consultancy services.


Innova offers a wide range of solutions for the food processing industry. Download or view our brochures for more information or contact us directly.


Innova is continuously developed for changing markets and requirements. New features and enhancements give our customers the best tools to improve performance


The new factory at Myre, in northern Norway, will become operational in the beginning of 2018, producing vacuum packed cod loins and portions as well as other products. The Marel equipment will extend across the processing chain to include raw material gr

Primex will use Innova Food Processing Software

Primex is teaming up with Marel in an exciting greenfield plant for the production of whitefish in Norway. The project will use the latest technology from Marel to ensure a highly modern and economic process with the best possible yield, quality and productivity.


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Experience the full potential of the Marel product range. Our state-of-the-art demo centers enable you to explore our equipment, integrated systems, software solutions and discover how we can put our processing expertise to work for you.


Event Industry Dates Location
FoodPro-2017 Meat 16 - 19 Jul 2017 Sydney, Australia
Aqua Nor Fish 15 - 18 Aug 2017 Trondheim, Norway
IceFish Fish 13 - 15 Sep 2017 Reykjavik, Iceland
Innova User Conference - Fish Fish 26 - 27 Sep 2017 Progress Point, Copenhagen, Denmark
Whitefish ShowHow Fish 28 Sep 2017 Progress Point, Copenhagen, Denmark


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