Innova’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES)  functionality helps food production managers be proactive about delivering quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner. Innova offers full production control and traceability from raw material reception, through processing and on to final goods inventory.  

Innova offers full production control and traceability from raw material reception, through processing and on to final goods inventory.


A powerful interconnected management system


1. Reception of supplies

Supplies are received into the system, checked, weighed and labeled. All traceability information is entered and supplies assigned to stock. In the fresh products industry it is vital to control the raw material stock to reduce loss and to age products to the optimal stage.

2. Raw material inventory

Raw material stock levels are known at all times. Items can be assigned to stock a location as they enter the inventory. For each item on stock, information such as quantity, age, expiry date, location and supplier is important for production planning and scheduling. When items are assigned to different production lines, accurate information is available about raw material usage, cost and origin of raw material per production line.

3. Processing

Marel offers a wide range of processing equipment that is all linked to Innova for the most accurate processing control available. Innova can control individual machinery or whole processing lines such as intelligent portioning and trimming machines, grading and batching equipment, trimming and boning lines, packing and labeling lines, all kinds of weighing equipment, vision units and RFID logistic solutions. All this equipment provides real-time data for performance monitoring to optimize profitability at each stage.

4. Packing

Innova offers advanced packing and labeling solutions with full inventory, palletizing and order processing capabilities. The system provides full support for in-process weighing, inventory control, packing, giveaway monitoring and finished goods outer case marking. Orders can be processed on-line, pallets built automatically and labels printed based on real-time data. End products can be traced back to the supplier’s delivery.

5. Final goods inventory

Finished goods are moved into inventory or produced directly to stock during the packing process. Products can be palletized and located within the stock. Stock levels are known at each point in time with all relevant data available, such as age, expiry dates, and time on stock. With online mobile scanners, inventory transactions are performed scan-by-scan, providing up-to-date information.

6. Dispatch

Innova makes the delivery of the final goods both smooth and speedy. Goods can be delivered with full traceability all the way through processing and back to the supplier.

7. Offices

Innova gives managers full control of the production process and easily transfers information into reports and external systems (such as ERP systems) for total overview, costing and production planning. It improves all aspects of the production process, allowing managers to increase throughput in less time, reduce giveaway, better utilize labor and raw material, reduce risk and have full traceability of final goods.


On all processing steps, QA inspections can be set up and linked to traceability and production data.