24. November 2016

The National Meat Institute, Uruguay

When the National Meat Institute in Uruguay (INAC) set out to establish a centralized and online traceability system, Innova proved to be the solution.

2. November 2016

The Speed, Simplicity and Flexibility of Innova Labeling

Innova labeling is powerful, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use integrated solution that enables processors to meet complete customer and production demands when designing, printing, and distributing labels for their products.

6. October 2016

Trusting the Source

Einhamar Seafood successfully uses Marel’s Innova food processing software to control, oversee and trace their fast paced fresh fish export operation in Iceland.

1. April 2016

Astral Foods optimizes order processing

Meeting industry requirements with Innova Software Solutions

14. September 2015

Process Improvements with Innova at AquaChile

Innova has improved process performance and given better control of production.

20. April 2015

Better Quality Management

“With Innova Quality Control we can get a report to see what’s happening now” – Nordlaks.

30. April 2013

Beef Production Goes Hi-Tech

Innova empowers meat processors to make the most of their equipment and resources and optimize their production performance with the perfect toolbox of software solutions.

30. April 2013

StreamLine is Key at Krasno

A yield improvement of 1.3% and productivity increase of 20% is reality at Krasno, the largest pork processor in Czech republic after having installed a StreamLine deboning and trimming system in one of their production facilities.

12. March 2013

Traceability Across the Complete Value Chain

The Innova traceability engine can be built into every processing step to improve your efficiency and production control by automating traceability processes and ensuring that you can act quickly to minimize the size of recalls.

1. February 2013

Controlling Salmon Logistics

The Bremnes Seashore logistics team work together to make time work for them – helped by Innova software. Take 250 tons of salmon processed into any one of up to 100 different products. Now take each order and make sure that every one of the 50...

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