New: VisionCheck

30 Jun 2015

Marel’s new VisionCheck is an automated quality assurance inspection system that ensures labeling accuracy.

Minimize the risk of fines and recalls

Using predefined data, VisionCheck assesses the accuracy of a labeling system and ensures compliance with labelling legislation. This makes it an ideal choice for any food processing company wanting to minimize the risk of fines and recalls.

Automatically verify and reject

VisionCheck scans each finished pack to make sure the correct label stock has been used and printed data is legible. It will automatically check that the correct number of labels has been adhered to a pack and that they are properly positioned and oriented. The system quickly and easily removes from the production line any packs that fail inspection.

Ensure accuracy and speed

VisionCheck can accurately verify label quality at up to 160 packs per minute. It is very user-friendly, with easy font training and simple label configuration.

The modular design also allows the system to be configured to suit individual inspection and quality assurance requirements.

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