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Automatic slicing and packing system for back, streaky and middle bacon.

Baconline USA

Advanced high volume slicing and packing of belly bacon and other whole muscle products.

IBS 2000 Select Bacon Slicer

High volume, small footprint belly bacon slicer with modular discharge and vision grading options for maximum yield and minimum giveaway.

IBS3000 Profile Bacon Slicer

Fully automatic commercial, high volume bacon slicer with pre-scanning technology for maximum on-weights.

IBS4600 Vision Pre-Cooked Bacon Slicer

Controlled cooked weight 4-lane bacon slicer offering high speed slicing for the pre-cooked bacon market.


Automatic slicing and packing system for cooked meat, bacon and cheese.

PolySlicer 1000

Versatile slicer for cooked and cured meats and cheese with involute or orbital blade. Interleaver, variety conveyor or stacker can be retrofitted at any time.

PolySlicer 3000

High speed slicer for cooked and cured meat, and cheese in shingled, stacked or shaved presentation.

PolySlicer 3000 Vision

High speed slicer with advanced vision system for high on-weights, low giveaway and excellent product presentation.

VBS Vertical Buffer

Buffers slicer reload to give higher line throughput