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“Buy local”, a cornerstone for Empas

The first professional poultry processor in The Gambia

1966: Stork's first innovation milestone

50 years ago, Stork launched its innovative All Round plucker

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With a strong focus on innovative technologies and service, we provide in-line poultry processing systems for all processing stages and capacity levels.

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World of Poultry ProcessingThe world of poultry processing

Read about Marel Poultry and the passion we serve our industry with. 

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30 May 2016 - 2 Jun 2016

Iran Food+Bev Tec

21 - 23 Jun 2016

AVI Africa

27 - 29 Jul 2016

Indo Livestock

2 - 4 Aug 2016

Anutec Brazil

23 - 25 Aug 2016

Avícola Porcinos

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Stork CoreTech Eviscerator

Stork Nuova CoreTech

Processors can have access to proven Nuova evisceration technologies without having to invest in equipment which is not (yet) needed. CoreTech is easily upgradable.

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