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Belki minds the Malines

Belgium processor serves top segment of retail market with a unique range of products

Marel Poultry arouses great interest at AgraME

Many customers from the Emirates, Oman, Qatar, North Africa and Central Africa

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With a strong focus on innovative technologies and service, we provide in-line poultry processing systems for all processing stages and capacity levels.

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World of Poultry ProcessingThe world of poultry processing

Read about Marel Poultry and the passion we serve our industry with. 

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23 - 25 May 2017

VIV Russia

23 - 26 May 2017

Iran Food+Bev Tec

21 - 23 Jun 2017

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6 - 8 Jul 2017

VIV Turkey

20 - 22 Jul 2017

Lanka Livestock

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Feet processing

Feet Processing

Investing in a Stork Feet Processing System is an interesting option, given the growing popularity of feet products. The different modules are flexibly configurable and they can process feet at the highest speeds.

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