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Our company was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of Carnitech A/S in Denmark. Henrik Rasmussen, our current President opened a service division in Dutch Harbor, Alaska with the intention of servicing the Pollock fleet, which at that time was the world’s largest whitefish fishery.

In 1989, a support division was established in Seattle to service all the large whitefish trawlers that had their base here. By 1990, the focus shifted on land-based fish processing. The Dutch Harbor location was closed in 1994.

Marel purchased Carnitech US in 1997 and we continued to do business under the name Carnitech – Marel Food Systems. In 1998, it was the filleting machine which opened the doors for the salmon division.

In September 2010, Carnitech US changed its name to Marel Seattle Inc. For over 20 years, we have been a major supplier of fish equipment for both onboard and land based processing in the US and Canada.  We always had a good reputation in the fishing industry and the customers considered us as “good problem solvers”.

Today, we offer processing solutions for salmon, whitefish, shellfish, surimi, freezing solutions, scales, software solutions and customized equipment and service.

From harvesting raw materials and packaging the final product as well as standardized stand-alone units to all-inclusive integrated turnkey systems – Our facility in Seattle is able to offer a large variety of flexible solutions. Marel Seattle is positioned to meet the needs of all seafood producers regardless of size.

As of 2011, Marel Seattle employs approximately 110 employees in its state of the art 80,000 square ft design and fabrication facility in Seattle, WA. 

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Marel is the leading global provider of advanced equipment, systems and services to the fish, meat and poultry industries. Our brands – Marel, Stork Poultry Processing and Townsend Further Processing – are among the most respected in the industry. Together, we offer the convenience of a single source to meet our customers’ every need. With offices and subsidiaries in over 30 countries and a global network of more than 100 agents and distributors, we work side-by-side with our customers to extend the boundaries of food processing performance.