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All Star Line-up:

IBS4600 Vision Pre-Cooked Bacon Slicer

The IBS4600 Belly Bacon Slicer is the world’s first slicer to have 4 independent feeds, each with its own vision system that gives weight control of individual slices regardless of belly size. The system measures the fat/lean ratio of each belly or loin as it is being sliced and automatically adjusts the thickness of each slice according to its fat content.

INNOVA Software Solutions

The Innova Software Solutions portfolio ranges from simple device control solutions, to total processing solutions adapted to the individual needs of food processors. Innova empowers food processors to control their production, experience real-time monitoring and improve decision-making based on valuable Innova insights.

I-Cut Profile PortionCutter

A fully automatic, high speed, high yield meat portion cutter that delivers large production volumes with accurate portion weights. I-Cut Profile produces single portions, shingles or stacks to the very highest presentation standards. The integrated laser scanner gives precise weight control by making a high resolution 3D scan of every primal.

IBS 2000 Select Bacon Slicer & IPL Loading Robot

The IBS 2000 Select is a high volume, dedicated slicer for streaky / belly bacon that can be easily and quickly reconfigured to cope with changes in demand. The slicer produces shingles, stacks, continuous shingles (bulk) or layout slices.


This is a new flexible shackle-based pork fore-end deboning solution. Most time spent on deboning in a pace line is currently spent on turning and moving products around. Using DeboFlex reduces this handling time – by making the process smoother and more efficient – which increases actual cutting time and thus capacity.

Trim Management System

Marel’s trim management system is designed to analyse beef/pork trim for fat/lean ratio, and offers the ability to manage trim and hit target fat percentage. Using our superior grading/batching technology, the system creates different batches of a precise chemical lean ratio, based on the processor’s requirements (e.g. 50/50, 75/25 and 80/20).

Polyslicer 1000 & IPL Loading Robot

PolySlicer 1000 is a compact, versatile and easy to use slicing machine, which will produce well defined stacks, shingles or shaved products at speeds up to 1500 rev/min. In addition to traditional formats, the PolySlicer 1000 with optional Interleaver can interleave stacks and shingles of cooked and cured meats, bacon and fragile products.

ArcticFlow® Spiral Freezers

Marel offers a wide variety of space-saving ArcticFlow® Spiral Freezers, ranging from small package units to large tailor-made solutions. Marel freezers are capable of freezing products in IQF form, or as as tray products or products packed into boxes.

SK 15-320 Conveyorized Derinding Skinner

The SK 15-320 Derinding Skinner is a conveyorized skinner used for heavy applications to remove the skin or fat from flat meat like heavy beef, cow meat, and pork products without loss of valuable meat. You can also utilize the SK 15-320 for splitting and trimming.

WPL9060 Weigh Price Labeler

Our WPL9000 Series of Weigh Price Labelers represents a new generation of reliable, accurate, easy to use, time saving weigh price labelers that can operate for long periods without interruption. Each employs the latest technology and class-leading design to provide excellent performance at a competitive price.


The Marel ValueSpray was specifically designed for the in-line wet marinating of portioned and fragile meat and poultry products, with an accurate pick up and uniform distribution of marinade on coarse pieces. Fully compatible with Marel single-lane slicing equipment, such as the Opticut, the ValueSpray offers a perfect in-line solution.

Superflex Breading System

The proven technology of this compact breader offers the utmost in coating versatility, allowing a great variety of end products. An automatic breading feed and automatic spreading of product across the belt also means a reduction in labor needed. Product variety and cost savings are guaranteed by this extremely efficient system.

Streamline Meat

The Marel StreamLine trimming line enables meat processors to monitor and collect data on yield, throughput and quality throughout the entire processing cycle, including trimming, denuding and touch-up. Processors can also monitor yield and throughput of individual operators in real-time.


Our RevoPortioner makes perfectly portioned products at low pressure whilst retaining the texture and structure of the raw material. RevoPortioner can process beef, poultry and meat mixes as well as non-meat products. Each product will always have the same shape, weight, size and be of uniform quality.

Proline Grader

The ProLine graders are easy to set-up and operate. They are available with full grading and batching capabilities, including intelligent batching. The ProLine graders are equipped with the user-friendly M3000 graphical interface available in several languages.

Platino Flattener

The Platino uses a unique technology to flatten meat and poultry products. Suitable for boneless, non-frozen pork, beef and poultry, the machines deliver portions that maintain both their quality and shape after flattening.

OCM9500 Automatic Box/Crate Weigh Labeler

The OCM9500 Automatic Box/Crate Labeler will handle eurocrates and boxes at speeds of up to 35 items/min, applying labels to any surface, including corners. The crate labeler is also capable of weigh price labeling heavy and irregularly shaped retail products.


The ModularOven is our biggest oven system for high capacity steaming, cooking and/or roasting of a large variety of products. It consists of two towers with separate controls for temperature, dew point and air speed, which offer the desired variable functionality for steaming, cooking or roasting in two completely separated cooking environments.

Multihead Weigher

Specially designed to deal with wet and sticky products. The Marel Multihead Weigher deals with all infeed, sorting, mixing and weighing requirements. Products are dispensed into hoppers by vibrating feeders and weighed into exact portions.

Townsend SK 11-320 Membrane Skinner

The Townsend SK 11-320 removes membrane from pork and beef muscle. Its flexibility allows it to work great on specialty products like venison, horse and ostrich. It can also make poultry and fish skinning quick and easy for high-yield operations.

Meat Press

The fully automated Meat Press type M-Press 120 Series presses/forms crust frozen and conditioned products prior to portioning and slicing operations. The M-Press Meat Press ensures a uniform product to minimize giveaways and maximize yield during the portioning/slicing processing.

Meat Harvester

ProTEN is Marel’s latest linear press meat harvesting system, offering the highest capacity in the business: up to 10,500 pounds of input per hour! Developed by the unquestionable global market leader in linear press technology for collecting residual meat, it’s also the most flexible and adaptable meat harvesting system.


MasterFormer system produces high quality filled and unfilled products with a handmade look and retention of structure and texture of meat mass. The MasterSlice and MasterFill modules allow solid, liquid and paste fillings to be added to the meat mass in the MasterFormer supply line.

I-Cut 55

The I-Cut 55 is designed for the accurate portion cutting of boneless meat products, such as beef, pork, veal and lamb. The portion cutter will cut to fixed weight and/or length. The I-Cut 55 features 360° 3-D scanning, which results in exceptionally accurate and stable measuring results that do not require further corrections from weighing equipment.


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