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Nature is Unpredictable Processing is Not

We can't control Mother Nature but, as your partner, we can help you gain value through total process control. Together, we can control your other costs to offset the impact of rising feed prices.

At Marel Stork Poultry Processing, we have put together a Top 10 list of ways we can, together, control costs, increase yields and improve quality. Contact your Area Sales Manager today to put our Top 10 to work for you.
Total process control. Your focus. Our focus too.

NUMBER 1: Multihead Weigher IQF Poultry
Predictable process control with the Multihead Weigher IQF Poultry.

  • Reliable machine – designed for the harsh environment
    • Very little down time
    • Able to repair/replace a load cell during operation
  • Low cost of owner ship
    • 1 Customer has 3 machines in operation & only $3,000 in parts/year
  • Free placement of hoppers  - Less sensitive for human errors
  • Automatic Feeder Adjustment
  • Hygienic design

NUMBER 2: SK14-430 WATERLESS Poultry Skinner
Check our new WATERLESS poultry skinner.

  • 80-100 pieces/minute on boneless butterfly breasts, whole legs and thighs
  • Higher skin quality for secondary processes
  • Cost of ownership 66% lower than the competition
  • 2-3%  yield advantage over hand skinning = additional revenue

NUMBER 3: Stork Poultry Processing Cut-up systems
Flexible, accurate, total process control. The Stork Poultry Processing Cut-up systems.
Main benefits:

  • Options from semi- to fully automated processing
  • Precise positioning for the most accurate cuts =  high yields
  • Modules can be set to accommodate a wide range of flock weights
  • Modules can be individually by-passed for maximum production flexibility

NUMBER 4: Modular Oven (MOS)
The Townsend Further Processing MOS oven sets the bar for process control.

  • Higher  capacity and maximum yield due to true environmental control
  • Ultimate control of climate parameters ensures product quality and safety
  • Optimal airflow both over and around the product on all layers of the conveyor belt.
  • Easily operated from a menu-based touch screen.

NUMBER 5: VO 20RS Vent Opener
Open the door to process control with the VO20RS Vent Opener.

  • Unique three-out-of-three performance
    • 1 reliable opening cut
    • 2 intestine damage prevented
    • 3 bare breast tips prevented
  • Designed for high capacity lines
  • Suitable for heavier bird weights and wider flock variations
  • Switch to different settings with just the turn of a switch
  • The length of the opening cut can be simply and accurately set
  • Low cost of ownership

NUMBER 6: I-Cut 22 PortionCutter
Perfect portions, perfect process control with the I-Cut 22 PortionCutter.

  • High speed portioning
  • Great accuracy - resulting in minimal giveaway
  • Small footprint
  • Hygienic and easy to clean 

NUMBER 7: IN 33-330 Poultry Injector|
Inject more control into your process with the IN33-330 Poultry Injector.

  • Reduces brine waste by up to 10%.
  • Reduces maintenance and operation costs
  • Total brine recovery uses an innovative “bathtub” design and optimal combing table
  • CIP (clean-in-place) sanitation enhancement
  • Lowest standard deviation in the industry

NUMBER 8: Graders
Accurate grading = Accurate process control.

  • Accurate, simple, intelligent 
  • User-friendly, easy to operate
  • Economical – low operational and maintenance costs
  • Variety of solutions from standalone to in-line for every grading need

NUMBER 9: RevoPortioner 500-600-700
Rev up your process control with the RevoPortioner.

  • Preserves meat structure and texture
  • Optimum shape retention and weight accuracy
  • Endless product varieties possible, even 3D and fantasy figures
  • Low ownership cost
  • Suitable for meat protein masses (emulsion and whole muscle)

NUMBER 10: MasterFormer
Master your process control with the MasterFormer.

  • Automatic portioning of high quality products with a handmade look
  • Retention of open structure and texture of meat mass
  • Suitable for filled and unfilled products
  • Multiple portioning options
  • Simple operation and maintenance

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