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Marel Poultry & Further Processing ShowHow

Here are some of the solutions you will see at the
Marel Poultry & Further Processing ShowHow:

Innova Software Solutions
Innova provides complete IT solutions for food processors for optimising profits and overall production performance. Innova covers the complete production cycle, providing all key performance indicators and traceability from door to door.

Multihead Weigher
The Marel Multihead Weigher deals with all infeed, sorting, mixing and weighing requirements. It automatically portions and packs food products into virtually any type of tray, thermo pack, bag or box..

Target Batcher
The Marel TargetBatcher is the easy way to reduce giveaway, combining a pre-determined number of fresh or frozen products into a package of exact weight. With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins the Target Batcher selects the best combination of products.

The Marel SpeedBatcher creates batches at very high speed, automatically weighing raw material into sub-weights, which are then selectively combined to form the optimum batch weight. 

Platino Flattener
Ideal for boneless non-frozen poultry. Delivers portions that maintain their quality, shape and thickness. No ripped meat fiber. More tender end product. Cooked product from the Platino does not shrink back to its original shape.

I-Cut 22 Portion Cutter
Advanced dual-lane system cuts poultry products into fixed weight and/or length-specific shapes. High-speed laser vision system maintains phenomenal accuracy for minimal giveaway. Up to 1500 cuts/minute per knife per lane.

Continuous rotary forming and portioning turns out flawless 3-D poultry products - any shape, any form. Also offers enormous advantages in terms of yield, waste reduction, and overall production costs.

ArticFlow Freezers
Get rapid, uniform freezing and great energy savings. Models for small package units to large tailor-made solutions. The latest in freezing technology ensures high quality end products.

Two independently controlled cooking towers with true zone separation provide maximum control. Lock-in dew point, airflow and temperature for perfect taste, texture and color all the time, every time. No wild cooking swings. No outside influences. No set point departures.

Poultry Streamline
Extremely flexible and used for most deboning and trimming operations. Integration with Innova Software allows monitoring of operators yield and throughput in real-time.

SK 14-430 Poultry Skinner
Innovative conveyorized design that is perfect for removal of skins from boneless butterfly chicken breasts and whole legs/thighs without the loss of valuable meat or the use of water. It is designed for simplicity and high-volume with easy maintenance and low cost of ownernship.

Superflex Breading System
Amazing savings with up to 50% less breading waste. Delivers constant breading flow. Offers 4-in-one functionality: flatbed, handtoss, tripleflip or drum coating. Handles flour, crumb, seasonings, sugars and more.

Automatically finds bones and other foreign objects in poultry meat. Commonly achieves a 99% detection rate on calcified bones larger than 2mm, with false positives below 3%.

D203S Plucker/Picker
The D203S has two plucking cabinets shaped to suit heavier birds. Each cabinet has three rows of 20 plucking discs with 6 plucking fingers fitted at an angle. Each row of discs is offset from its neighbor to create a compact plucking/picking field covering the whole bird.

FIM RotoVac-20 RS
Sets new standard in carcass cleanliness with no rib or carcass damage. Easy to install and maintain, low cost of ownership and open design with no blind spots for easy cleaning.

Air-Agitated Scalder
Air-agitation optimizes the scalding process. Combines powerful water agitation and constant temperature. Consistent, powerful turbulent gives better scalding effect and optimum plucking result.

OCM9500 Labeler
Capable of weigh price labeling heavy and irregularly shaped retail products. Can operate as a standalone machine or can be integrated with a range of manual or automatic production lines.


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