Advancing Food Processing

One innovative, high-tech step at a time

<h2>We innovate, create and implement</h2>

<p>An innovative, high-tech approach has brought Marel to the forefront of the processing equipment industry. As a global leader, we provide advanced equipment and systems to the fish, meat and poultry industries around the world.</p> <p>We are innovators at heart, innovators who know how important processing knowledge and co-operation is. We also know how important it is to turn ideas into a reality, not only on our shop floor but also on your factory floor.</p> <p>We innovate. We create. We implement. We do it all to improve your processing, every day, every step of the way.</p>

<h2>You improve your processing</h2>

<p>With Marel, you can take your operation to the next level. We believe we can make a difference when it comes to quality in food processing. Our passion is using innovation and technology to make food processing more efficient and profitable.</p> <p>You might need to design and equip an entire factory from scratch or install equipment in stages, either way, we offer a seamless integration across all processing steps.</p> <p>We bring you the best technology possible to improve your operation and keep it running smoothly. Quality workmanship characterizes our equipment, because we want it to last.</p> <p>You can be large or small, it does not matter, we serve all.</p>

<h2>We keep you competitive</h2>

<p>We analyze trends, investigate and anticipate processing challenges while staying informed of the market conditions and changes in the industries we serve.</p> <p>Our lines are high-tech, controlled by advanced software that is an integral part of optimizing your production. You control the production process with the exact information you need to improve your throughput, quality and yield.</p> <p>Our teams are constantly working on new ways to improve old processes, increase automation and streamline product processing.</p> <p>We put the results into praxis to help you meet market demands and enhance your production and profit.</p>