The Marel Brand

Over the years, several brands have come together to make Marel what it is today. We've now combined them all into one, making a stronger partner for our customers.

Since the company’s inception in 1977, a number of brands have come together to make Marel the company it is today. Each brand has unique technical expertise and decades of experience, allowing Marel to offer a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and solutions.

In March 2016, we combined all our brands into one, coming together under one name, with one vision and one set of values.

Becoming one Marel makes us a stronger partner for our customers and brings us all together. United as one company we can achieve even greater things.

Representing three key industries

What we deliver

We deliver advantage for our customers in the Poultry, Meat and Fish industries. We do it through sustainable solutions to help them grow their businesses.

What differentiates us?

We do it all – the end-to-end service, machinery, software, servicing, and spare parts our customers need. And we’re constantly innovating, to improve and advance our systems.

We’re the experts. We’ve got a long heritage that spans across the food processing industry, and across the world. We use that expertise to help our customers become more efficient, more sustainable, more profitable, and to get more from their businesses.

We take pride in our work. Our people have the knowledge, skills and talent that put Marel at the forefront of food processing.

And we’re here to partner with our customers. To help them grow and get more from their businesses.

Our heritage

Over the years we have acquired a number of internationally renowned brands.