05/04/19 Updated 09/04/19

70 companies join coating event

On 2 and 3 April, Marel Further Processing invited a select group of customers to their coating event in the Demo Center in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. Over 100 customers from 70 different companies attended the event to see the new coating innovations that Further Processing has to offer.

In the Demo Center customers experienced various live demonstrations and had the opportunity to taste the products that were produced throughout the day. During the event, customers were very interested in the crumb management feature of the RevoCrumb, which manages coverage on top and bottom of the product.

Coating Event 2019

Furthermore, the Active Mixer with the possibility to mix both tempuras and lower viscosity batters drew a lot of attention. The new dual-mode RevoBreader inspired customers to develop new products.

Jesper Hjortshøj, Executive Vice President: “Our developers have designed new equipment with excellent new functionality and features, which enables our customers to create the best possible end products. This was fully confirmed at these two great days.”

Marel Coating Event

Marel Further Processing is now able to offer a completely new developed range of coating equipment that, together with the RevoPortioner and a range of ovens and fryers, provides customers with the top of range equipment that they expect from Marel.

Customers thoroughly enjoyed the two days and showed great interest in the new equipment and the way it can benefit their production process.

Marel Coating Event