26/04/16 Updated 26/03/19

A great start to Seafood Processing Global 2016

With thousands of visitors and more than 1,650 companies braving the Brussels Seafood Processing Global exhibition, Marel is off to a great start on the opening day of what could have been a cancelled event.

The first day of the annual Seafood Processing Global exhibition in Brussels, Belgium has been a great success for Marel.

The event is the world’s largest trade fair for the seafood industry and a very important venue for exhibitors and buyers to conduct business. The March bombings in Belgium did not deter the industry from participating despite initial concerns.

Popular Live Demos

Marel displays a wide range of processing solutions designed to meet the current challenges of the fish processing industry.

One of the highlights is the virtual Innova Food Processing Software office, where buyers can experience fist hand how to gain full control of their processing plants and get a live overview of every facet of production.

Consumer Safety

Consumer safety is one of the focal points at the show. Quality control throughout the production process is crucial to maintaining the necessary product safety.

Marel is demonstrating several solutions to respond to that trend such as the Sensor X bone detection machine, the Innova QC application and the hygienic design that is prevalent throughout its product range.

Marel’s advanced technology provides bone detection capabilities that are unprecedented among automatic bone detection systems in the fish industry, enabling processors to maintain the quality of their products by ensuring a less bones and reducing overall product handling in the detection process.

The Marel team has been happy to meet and work with the significant number of visitors at the booth on this first day of the SPG. According to the turnout this promises to become a great show for exhibitors and buyers alike.