14/11/18 Updated 02/07/19

A knife with a sorter

TrimSort module integrated in I-Cut 122 portion cutter

Processors wanting to portion fixed weight boneless poultry meat now have an even better option for minimizing give-away. The well-known and popular I-Cut 122 portion cutter is now available with a TrimSort extension module. TrimSort is extremely precise and will help reduce labor, all while making it even easier to separate product from offcuts.

You can rely completely on its performance alone., -

A separate SpeedSort machine is normally used to separate fillets or tenders from trim. The SpeedSort has a belt that opens quickly to discharge the trim separately, leaving only the fillets to move into the next stage of the process, for example, a RoboBatcher Flex.


The new TrimSort module is fully integrated into the I-Cut 122 portion cutter. This two-in-one solution eliminates the need for any additional equipment, thereby saving considerable space in the processing plant. Looking from the outside, you will not even notice a difference in the I-Cut.

However, open the side panels and the difference becomes clear. The innovative, fully integrated TrimSort module drives two conveyor belts installed immediately behind the knife blade. These belts open and close in the blink of an eye to separate the main product from trim. Trim is then caught by belts located lower down in the machine and conveyed to downstream processes.



An I-Cut 122 equipped with the TrimSort module is a synchronized cutting and trim reject process within a single compact frame. TrimSort has the highest success rate in the industry for separating trim from the main product, which can be breast fillet, tenderloin, thigh fillet or leg meat. TrimSort’s belts ensure completely separate flows of product and trim, improving flows towards downstream processing or packaging operations.


The improved accuracy made possible by TrimSort technology allows the I-Cut 122 portion cutter to remove considerably smaller pieces of trim than was previously possible; 5 g [0.18 oz] as opposed to 25 g [0.88 oz]. As the system’s radically enhanced performance will permit the smallest amount of trim to be cut off, portion cutting will be able to be used for more products than ever before.


The high degree of accuracy achieved with TrimSort means that the risk of offcuts staying attached to the fillets is virtually inexistent. Unnecessary give-away is therefore avoided. All portioned meat pieces will be cut precisely to a given target weight; packing becomes both easier and more accurate. Processors no longer have to be afraid of overweight trays eating into their profits.


An important benefit of TrimSort is that it saves labor. Morten Dalqvist, Marel product manager portioning says, “You will not need any operators at all to check whether trim has been properly rejected. TrimSort’s accuracy is such that you can rely completely on its performance alone.”

I-Cut 122 on itself has proven to be the top-notch portion cutter for poultry meat, with the highest throughput in the industry. Its dual-lane high-speed configuration features independently adjustable cutting angles; different cutting patterns can be cut on both lanes simultaneously.

The extreme accuracy results in maximized product utilization with consistent fixed weights. “I-Cut 122 will continue to be available without TrimSort but we have had such a positive response to the new development that I am ready to bet that the TrimSort integration will become the most favorite model by far.” Particularly when combined with the RoboBatcher Flex, the I-Cut TrimSort will demonstrate its excellence.