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A vibrant VIV show

Think Fast and Keep Control: Marel Poultry launches 15,000 bph at VIV
VIV Europe 2018 impression

Think Fast and Keep Control: Marel Poultry launches 15,000 bph at VIV

At the end of the VIV Europe 2018 exhibition, Marel Poultry can express great excitement about the successes achieved. Three days in a row, our comprehensive stand attracted large amounts of existing customers as well as newly interested poultry professionals from all over the world.

Some areas outside Europe were very well represented such as the Middle-East, South-America and Australia. On the opening day, we welcomed large official delegations from China and Africa, while the Saudi-Arabian ambassador paid an official visit to our stand on Thursday.


Arie Tulp, Marel Poultry Marketing and Sales Director, was enthusiastic right from the start of the VIV Europe exhibition, "We were overwhelmed by the large number of visitors. Throughout all three days, and even after closing time, our sales people hardly enjoyed a spare moment, for they were continuously talking to customers."

Of course our 15,000 bph processing launch captured most attention of the visitors, not in the least thanks to the spectacular video screen. People were impressed by the way the system manages to keep control at such high speeds. Components such as ATLAS, CAS SmoothFlow, LineLink DE, Nuova evisceration and LineLinlink EC seamlessly work together to provide, faster than ever, highest quality products. The Marel Poultry booth was an attractive platform for many live demonstrations too, such as:

VIV Europe 2018 impression

Like family

In the meantime, several important contracts were signed and celebrated with customers. One of them was Master Good from Hungary, a long-standing Marel poultry customer who decided to further expand the Kisvarda processing plant. László Bárány, Managing Director, is happy with the relationship with Marel Poultry, "The Marel colleagues we work with are like family to us. Life always brings problems. We know, however, that when they happen, we can rely on Marel Poultry to help solve them quickly. We have total confidence in the company's expertise and its commitment to us."

Our sales people as well as our customers enjoyed the excellent ambiance and vibe on the stand floor and in the social area, even reinforced by the music of the live DJ and the finger food, served by chef Jacques Roosenbrand.

VIV Europe 2018 impression

Not just one, but two chef’s tables were reserved for important customer meetings; these VIP rooms were constantly occupied, illustrating the success of this concept.

Arie Tulp concludes, "We got very positive reactions on the presentation of our innovative solutions here at VIV Europe. According to all sources our impressive booth exceeded expectations once again.”

Marel Poultry would like to thank all visitors to its VIV Europe 2018 stand!

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