20/03/18 Updated 09/04/19

Accurate batching of marinated meat

Dutch meat processor Van Rooi has a long tradition of continuously introducing new products and implementing new processes into their production. Among the products processed at Van Rooi Meat are marinated strips of meat used for shawarma.


Until recently the process of making marinated meat for shawarmas involved a lot of manual labor in both the marinating and the packing process. Marinating was done by manually mixing the herbs and spices, which did not result in an optimal and homogeneous end product. Furthermore, the packing process was laborious, and giveaway higher than acceptable.

The system is very easy to operate with the intuitive interface and the employees really appreciate working with the Marel equipment., Roel Gilissen, Team Leader -


Naturally, Van Rooi had a strong desire to raise not only the quality of the end products but also to reduce giveaway significantly. After engaging in talks with Marel, the choice was to implement a full line solution that would handle both the marinating process and the batching of the products. It was clear that a Multihead Weigher combined with a ValueDrum marinating unit would be the right solution for Van Rooi.

With less give away and a lot higher accuracy than with manual handling, there is no doubt that the Marel system adds a lot of value to us., Roel Gilissen, Team Leader -


With over sixty years in the business, Van Rooi is a family business with a long tradition for innovation. Roel Gilissen, Team Leader explains, "One of our big challenges in the industry is that labor is scarce. But because the system is so easy to work with, we do not need skilled meat operators or butchers."