02/12/16 Updated 11/07/19

AMF-BX FlexControl combined with new buffer belt

Since its launch, the AMF-BX FlexControl breast cap deboning system has been a huge success with hundreds of systems in operation worldwide. Continuous development has opened up new product possibilities, at the same time maximizing de-boning efficiency, quality and yield.
AMF-BX FelxControl with buffer belt

New modular buffer belt

As an add-on to the deboning system, we now offer an off-line buffer belt, onto which batches of breast caps are loaded. This creates a controllable, continuous flow of breast caps for the AMF-BX FlexControl. These caps can have been calibrated by e.g. a Compact Grader into specific weight ranges and then held in a buffer off-line, often to mature.

AMF-BX FlexControl with SystemFlex buffer belt

When the time comes to de-bone the breast caps, they are loaded by calibrated weight ranges (of for instance 100 grams) onto the buffer belt which takes them to the in-feed of the AMF-BX FlexControl system. The buffer belt is controlled by the same operator who feeds the deboner system’s semiautomatic breast cap loader.

This ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of product to the deboning system, keeping production efficiency at the highest level. The off-line buffer belt is a SystemFlex application. This completely modular and 100% Marel Stork conveyor system consists of a number of basic standardized components, which interlock with one another.

AMF-BX FlexControl

Maximum yield

Each time the calibrated breast cap weight of the batch changes, the in-feed operator easily chooses the new weight range on a touch screen at the FlexControl system. All module settings change automatically to handle the new weight. Top yield and quality are therefore guaranteed across the whole range of breast cap weights and on all breast fillet products.

AMF-BX FlexControl – a truly unique breast de-boning system

An AMF-BX FlexControl breast cap filleting system consists of several modules installed along a transport mechanism with turning product holders.

Each module is responsible for one process step. The system can de-bone a wide range of breast cap weights into a wide range of skin-on or skinless breast fillet products from whole butterflies with tenderloins attached to half fillets with tenderloins harvested separately.

The top quality, high yield fillet products made on AMF-BX are ideal for sale retail or for use in further processed products.

FlexControl – optimum yield control

Poultry processors typically handle a range of breast cap weights. For optimum yield and top product quality, it is essential that modules are set correctly for the weight of breast cap being processed.

FlexControl makes this possible. A menu-based touch screen containing customer-specific menus makes it quick and easy to set the system to changing cap weights and breast fillet products.

Sensors along the system determine the timing of operations such as when a blade begins to cut or the length of cut to be made. A PLC system resets these in an instant when cap weights change, optimizing the cutting action and timing of all modules and keeping yields and product quality consistently high.

AMF-BX FlexControl

Ongoing refinement

The AMF-BX FlexControl breast cap de-boner hits yield and quality targets time after time, across the whole range of breast cap weights handled by a broiler processor. The new modular buffer belt is yet another example of ongoing refinement of a proven Marel Stork solution.