13/02/19 Updated 26/03/19

High-level visitors and global launches at IPPE 2019

As Marel Poultry’s first large exhibition of the year, IPPE is the most important exhibition for the poultry and meat industries in North America. Our impressive 6,000 square foot stand revealed two global launches and welcomed many customers from around the world. Marel Poultry EVP Anton de Weerd was pleasantly surprised by the large number of strong, high-level Latin America meetings he and his colleagues had.

Marel Poultry had on display the ATLAS system and SmoothFlow CAS. These systems have been very welcomed in North America with five installs in 2018 and four in 2019. The way ATLAS and CAS SmoothFlow approach the subject of animal well-being has already convinced major American processors.

Another line installation on our stand concerned the latest solution in portioning, including SingleFeed, SensorX SmartSort and I-Cut 122. By running a demonstration twice daily, we showed how this line manages to convert bulk fed strips and tenders into absolutely bone-free fixed-weight portioned products.

Marel at IPPE 2019

Global launches: RevoBreader and MHW Large

We also presented a global launch at our IPPE stand. On display for the first time ever was the RevoBreader, a most flexible machine that offers a flatbed mode and drum mode in one enclosure. This dual-mode configurability is the ultimate solution for applying high-quality coating, both to home-style and flatbed coated products.

The second global launch revealed the new MHW FreshLarge, which was developed mainly for the US market, where broilers and broilers parts are big. It is a solution for high capacity jobs with fresh large products such as whole legs. With its 20 heads and large sized pockets, it can handle cut parts from the biggest US broilers.

Both these exciting new developments definitely drew a lot of attention.

Innova Food Processing Software had a prominent position on our stand this year. The presentation showed customers how the software can help them keep full control of their processing facility. With traceability being on everyone’s mind these days, Innova offers processors multiple opportunities to gather data and contribute to end-to-end traceability.

Jan Kuhlmann, Marel’s North America President, commented the Marel team enjoyed some very solid and fruitful days at IPPE 2019. We look forward to the continued conversations with customers after the show.

RevoBreader breading system
The all-new RevoBreader