20/04/15 Updated 26/03/19

Better quality management

Nordlaks recently celebrated 25 years of producing, processing, and selling Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout. The company has been working with Marel since the 90s and is now implementing Innova QC.

Raising quality management to the next level

Innova Quality Control (QC) is a ready to use software solution that has proven itself for use in all industries. Innova QC has been developed and designed for food processors to manage their quality control and monitoring system more effectively and with much less paper.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to maximizing value by enabling customers to produce safe and wholesome end products with the highest possible quality. And what Marel offers its customers with Innova QC is a user-friendly toolbox to do exactly that.

Marel is the first to offer this kind of product, this kind of solution with Innova., Camilla Kortsen, Quality Manager at Nordlaks, Norway -

Innova QC workshops run during the installation and implementation phases ensure that the software is meeting expectations, and provide the training that ensures each customer gets the most out of the solution.

Combined with ongoing service, the workshops help ensure customers can raise their quality management to the next level.

The workshops also strengthen Marel’s partnerships with the fish processing industry, ensuring we stay at the forefront of serving the market’s ever-changing needs.


During workshops, the Innova team works with customers to design, customize, and implement a user-friendly and potentially paperless QC system, ensuring they can make the best use of the software.

“The workshops are very helpful,” Kortsen explains. “If we have a question—can we do this, is this possible—we get an answer very quickly.”

“The Innova technicians visiting Nordlaks can understand better what we are doing – we can say, ‘Let’s go down to the production and I’ll show you,’” Kortsen adds.

Innova QC workshops help customers make the best use of the software to improve their processing performance.

As Rich Otley, Cold Store Manager at Nordlaks, explains, “At the workshops here [in Iceland], being so close to the people doing the hard coding really speeds up the process.” This helps ensure that Nordlaks can make the best use of the solution right from the start.

“The workshops are a good way to pool resources and find new solutions; adjust it to fit our requirements,” says Otley.


In short, Innova QC helps processors catch potential problems early, react in real time, and therefore minimize the risk of compromising the quality of end products. Innova QC is also a great solution for continuously improving quality, increasing food safety, and minimizing time in rework.

But quality control procedures and requirements vary greatly among processors and food safety management standards, depending on factors including the size of the processing operation and the range of processes, as well as industry or country-specific regulations.

With this in mind, Marel has developed the Innova QC module to ensure processors can integrate dependable quality control inspection in their processing plants, while being flexible enough to suit the whole range of processing operations and to support various international food safety standards.

Each adjustment and update must be tested thoroughly, as it’s vital that customers can rely on their production management software.

“Our suppliers’ level of quality control is very important and my experience with Innova is that they’re very thorough,” says Otley. “We don’t get even the smallest change or update until it’s been quality controlled, until it does actually work as designed.”


It’s exciting for Marel to be able to offer the food processing industry a new level of quality control, and the product has been strengthened considerably by Marel’s partnership with Nordlaks and other processors.

“I feel we’ve stretched this QC module to something it wasn’t in the beginning,” says Otley. “It’s getting beyond our expectations now, and it’s only going to grow and get even better, because we can see the potential, the possibilities.”