07/03/16 Updated 26/03/19

Busy days at Seafood Expo North America

Visitors are particularly enjoying live demos of the new back & belly trimming features of our MS2730 Filleting Machine.

The second day is coming to an end at Seafood Expo North America and we can report yet another successful event.

Seafood Expo Boston_2016

Our highly motivated team has been kept busy handling an impressive stream of inquiries from delegates from all over the world.

Visitors are clearly enjoying the live demonstrations of Marel machines at our booth. In particular the new back and belly trimming features of the MS2730 Filleting Machine have been well received and garnered due attention.

Even though Marel’s new and revolutionary FleXicut was not on display this time, visitors showed great interest. FleXicut offers fully automated pinbone detection and removal for cod, saithe, pollock and haddock.

The FleXicut is already a proven success in Europe, saving labor and improving yield for our customers at several fish processing facilities across the continent.

This exciting new technology will be introduced to North America in 2016, beginning with live demonstrations at Marel’s facilities in Seattle in May.

The Marel team is looking forward to yet another busy day tomorrow with many more leads expected.

Demonstrations will continue at booth 865 until the show closes tomorrow, Tuesday 8 March.