14/06/16 Updated 05/07/19

CAS SmoothFlow breakthrough in South America

First controlled atmosphere stunning systems in Chile and Brazil
CAS SmoothFlow stunning system

The Stork CAS SmoothFlow stunning solution has made its breakthrough in South America, as various important poultry processors in Chile and Brazil have recently opted for this modern and advanced method of controlled atmosphere stunning.

For Marel Poultry it´s yet another milestone to be the very first company to install controlled atmosphere stunning systems in Latin America., Lambert Rutten, Marel Poultry Sales Manager in South America -

In their search for a more animal-friendly stunning method which ensures the highest meat quality, Latin American processors are now switching over to Marel Poultry's CAS solution, thereby securing their exports to the EU.


The multiphase Stork CAS SmoothFlow technology complies with the most stringent legislation in the world, including those of the USDA and the European Union. It ensures the highest level of animal welfare and paves the way for top quality breast meat with no blood spots.

The fully automated system is available for a wide range of breeds, weights and capacities. The phases of the CAS SmoothFlow process have been sharply defined and arranged to properly control the stunning with an easily and precisely programmable atmosphere.

The air mixture near the broilers is continuously monitored and can be adjusted if needed via the touchscreen. In this way, the process can be programmed to a level of accuracy unequaled by other poultry stunners.

The robust construction of the Stork CAS SmoothFlow concept works with a single straight-ahead belt without any transitions, making for a smoother and more welfare-friendly process. Broilers are not stressed when entering the system because, in the induction phase, they lapse gently into unconsciousness thanks to an air mixture to which extremely precise levels of carbon dioxide, as well as oxygen, have been added.

In the next phase, the stunning effect is intensified using a higher concentration of CO2, which results in an irreversible stun. Visual inspection is possible through windows throughout the stunning process. Consumption of CO2 and O2 is limited, as the air used is recirculated.

Manual shackling after stunning is much easier, as operators don't have to hang live, moving broilers. Not only is this an ergonomic benefit, but it also prevents injuries to the birds. All of these factors contribute to the best possible end product quality.

The Stork CAS SmoothFlow stunning solution is the result of almost 20 years of Controlled Atmosphere Stunning practice and experience. Since its introduction, it has been installed throughout Europe, USA and Australia. Now South America is following too.

"For Marel Poultry, it´s yet another milestone to be the very first company to install controlled atmosphere stunning systems in Latin America," says Lambert Rutten, Marel Poultry Sales Manager in South America.


Agrosuper is known as an outstanding producer in Chile and is the first ever broiler processing company in Latin America to replace electrical stunning with controlled atmosphere stunning. This was a logical step, as the company's San Vicente plant is geared up for exports, including to Europe. EU regulations require processors outside the EU exporting meat to the EU to comply with similar standards to those in Europe itself.

Long-term Marel Poultry partner Agrosuper has made a well-considered choice in opting specifically for the Stork CAS SmoothFlow controlled atmosphere stunning, together with the GP live bird handling solution. The whole system in the San Vicente plant, located 150 km (93 m) south of Santiago, consists of two complete lines for 12,000 bph (200 bpm) to replace existing crate handling and electrical stunning systems.


Brazilian poultry processors now also recognize Controlled Atmosphere Stunning as the ideal solution for combining high animal welfare standards with the finest meat quality. As leading poultry processing companies in Brazil also export their products to the EU, it was only a matter of time before the first company would switch to CAS stunning.

Lambert Rutten says, "CAS is an excellent way of stunning broilers with the lowest risk of bruises. In the end, processors all over the world, and in Latin America too, like to benefit from less need for trimming and more yield. As of now, more and more Brazilian broilers will be CAS stunned and of course, much-improved animal welfare is also a big plus."