19/01/17 Updated 22/01/19

Circular Carousel Robot

This notification states the End Of Full Service (EOFS) for the Circular Carousel Robot.

This notification states the End of Full Service (EOFS) for the following Marel product:

  • Circular Carousel Robot

The EOFS means that the Circular Carousel Robot affected will only be supported on a best-effort basis with limited support, longer response times, limited availability of spare parts and retrofit or upgrade kits will not be available.

With the EOFS it is strongly advised to upgrade to a replacement product, for which Marel is offering the RoboBatcher Flex.

Please contact ICMeat.service@marel.com for information how Marel can assist and guide you through the End of Life process with minimal inconvenience.

This notice serves as formal communication of Marel’s decision, to end the life of the product in question.

Read more about Marel`s Product End of Life Policy