27/04/16 Updated 26/03/19

Espersen chooses FleXicut

Espersen—one of the leading cod producers in the world—purchased the new Marel FleXicut at the 2016 Seafood Processing Global.

Espersen is a progressive company and internationally recognized as a supplier of high quality products. The purchase of FleXicut is in line with the company’s focus to embrace innovative solutions in seafood processing technology.

Espersen has modern production units in Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Asia, focusing on delivering high quality seafood products.

FleXicut is to be installed in the Espersen production in Lithuania and will be integrated into the existing Marel processing system that was installed a few years ago.

The contract was made at the first exhibition day in Brussels and the FleXicut will be shipped to Lithuania directly after the exhibition ends. FleXicut is the centerpiece of the next generation in whitefish processing being introduced by Marel.

The machine incorporates two critical processing steps in one machine: precisely locating the pinbones and then cutting the fillet to remove them and portion the fish to customer specifications. The automation of pinbone removal increases throughput and greatly improves overall yield and product quality.

The plan is to have the new system up and running promptly, starting production in no more than two weeks’ time. FleXicut’s neat footprint makes it easy to integrate into the existing Marel flowline in front and the packing lines following it.

This is to be the first step in the cooperation of Marel and Espersen towards the increasingly automated future of technology in Espersen processing plants.

In the photos:
Vladimir Galchenko , Regional Sales Manager Marel
Reidar Inselseth, Managing Director Espersen Lietuva UAB
Klaus Nielsen, Klaus B. Nielsen, CEO Espersen,
Kristmann Kristmannsson, Area Sales Manager Marel