27/04/15 Updated 01/04/19

Fisk Seafood invests in Marel’s FleXicut

Fisk Seafood has purchased a FleXicut with an advanced grading and product distribution system.

Fisk Seafood has finalized the purchase of a FleXicut with an advanced grading and product distribution system. The system will be installed at Fisk Seafood’s Saudárkrókur plant in October 2015 and will enable the company to further expand and diversify its business.

FleXicut was released for sale in April 2015 and is the centerpiece of the next generation in whitefish processing being introduced by Marel. The machine incorporates two critical processing steps in one: precisely locating the pinbones and then cutting the fillet to remove them and portion the fish to customer specifications, either skin-on or skin-off.

The FleXicut system includes a sophisticated distribution system. After cutting with FleXicut, the pinbone is automatically separated and conveyed to a bin. Output is then divided automatically into loin, tail, and belly, for example, and automatically directed to freezing, packing, or other processes as pre-defined.

Included in Fisk Seafood’s purchase is also a flap grader, Marel’s new type of grader that achieves gentler handling of the raw material by using flaps instead of traditional grader arms. Belts then automatically convey the various outputs to packing stations, thereby greatly reducing product handling.

Fisk Seafood was the first company to trial a FleXicut prototype prior to the 2014 Seafood Processing Europe exhibition in Brussels, and this trial was critical to Marel’s development of the machine.

Marel is now preparing to deliver several systems into key markets in 2015, and started taking preorders for delivery in 2016 at the Seafood Processing Global exhibition in Brussels last week. Whitefish processors are expressing a great deal of interest in the machine, especially from countries with land factories for cod-like species, such as in Iceland and Norway.

Fisk Seafood specializes in skin-on products, and the company is excited about the FleXicut’s ability to detect bones and cut through skin, enabling products such as skin-on loin.

The purchase of this equipment is crucial to FISK Seafood strengthening its land production in Saudárkrókur and better meeting the needs and wishes of our customers for constantly more specialized products., Jón Edvald Fridriksson, CEO, Fisk Seafood -

“This investment is also expected to make it easier for the company to reach new markets, that we haven’t been able to reach previously, and thereby expand and diversify our business,” says Fridriksson. “This is also an important step towards more advanced technology and greater automation in a process that otherwise requires greatly skilled labor, which is very difficult to find.”