21/04/15 Updated 01/04/19

FleXicut transforms processing at Vísir

Marel has just released its FleXicut free for sale at the Seafood Processing Global exhibition in Brussels today, April 21, and Icelandic company Vísir hf. has signed a contract – investing in two machines.
“Icelandic company Vísir hf. has signed a contract – investing in two Marel FleXicut machines

FleXicut is the centerpiece of the next generation in whitefish processing being introduced by Marel. The machine incorporates two critical processing steps in one machine: precisely locating the pinbones and then cutting the fillet to remove them and portion the fish to customer specifications, either skin-on or skin-off.

The first FleXicut will be installed at Vísir hf. in May, and the second machine later in 2015, but the company has been running FleXicut as part of a development agreement since early this year.

With FleXicut, Marel is bringing hi-tech to the heart of the fish processing factory and this will influence the entire process. This is one of the biggest steps towards automation that we’ve seen for a very long time in fish processing technology., Pétur Pálsson, CEO, Vísir -

The automation of pinbone removal not only reduces the need for skilled labor but also increases throughput and greatly improves overall yield and quality. Additional benefits of FleXicut include greater product diversity and a neat footprint that makes it easy to integrate into most existing factory layouts.

“We’re definitely seeing that the variety in products that we can produce, and having uniform product every time, are great benefits,” says Pálsson.


Marel’s strong partnerships with the fish industry play a vital role in developing innovative equipment and solutions for processing salmon and whitefish. “I’m especially pleased that we are taking this significant step in 2015, as Vísir celebrates its fiftieth year of operating,” says Pálsson.

“Working together with a company like Marel can bring high value to the industry. There are many opportunities out there and we have always worked well with Marel and knew that together we would come up with a solution that would meet all our requirements.”