16/08/17 Updated 26/03/19

From slaughter to finished pack

From live animal receipt to finished pack, our equipment can add value at every stage of the meat processing chain.

We work with processors to streamline production methods, automate processes and add value at every stage of the meat processing chain. From live animal receipt to finished pack, we want to ensure our equipment helps companies remain competitive when responding to challenges in the industry and to the latest consumer trends.

Marel Primary Processing

Facing industry trends and challenges

In today’s globalized market, meat processing companies are often confronted with low profit margins as a result of fluctuating supply from farmers on one side and pressure from powerful retailers on the other side. Additionally, the industry in general has to deal with increased production costs as well as labor shortages. The consumer is also becoming more and more focused on issues such as affordable pricing, convenience and food safety.

All this has made it increasingly vital for processors to be able to efficiently control, monitor and optimize virtually every aspect of their shop-floor operations.

Solutions from start to finish

We offer processors the benefit of a comprehensive equipment and software portfolio. We can supply equipment for all steps in the value processing chain – and add equipment and features to existing lines if a processing need arises.

Our solutions reach all the way from live animal receipt to finished pack. We can help companies of all sizes with processing needs that vary from stand-alone equipment to total solutions.

Marel Secondary Processing - Beef

Global leader in primary processing

Our years of experience in the field of design, realization and commissioning of slaughterhouses and primary processing lines means we are able to supply the most practical and efficient solutions, with maximum attention to animal welfare, hygiene and ergonomics.

Comprehensive portfolio for secondary processing

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of processing equipment and solutions, ergonomically designed to minimize wear and tear and reduce work related strain injuries. We offer systems and software which meet the entire spectrum of processors' requirements for deboning, trimming, portioning and packing.

Marel Further Processing - RevoPortioner

Innovative further processing equipment

We have innovative equipment for the highly automated production of a wide variety of convenience products and sausages. We offer solutions for meat preparation, forming, coating, frying and cooking, but also for linking / peeling sausages and CoExtrusion.