30/03/18 Updated 26/03/19

Further processing of poultry at Anuga FoodTec

Launches of new further processing solutions were received very well, particularly by poultry processors
Anuga FoodTec

Anuga FoodTec 2018 turned out to be a great success for Marel. The further processing solutions we launched were very well received, particularly by poultry processors. By far, the expo visitors were most interested in the all-new Helix Drum technology for the RevoPortioner and the new Frank-a-Matic sausage linker.

In Cologne, visitors from all over the world gathered around our two tradeshow highlights, eager to get information from the Marel specialists who constantly manned the machines, explaining all about them.

Logical step

Area Sales Manager Marcel Bogerd, representing Marel Poultry at Anuga, concluded after the event, “For poultry processors it makes sense to develop activities in the field of further processing too. During the Anuga event we have welcomed many poultry processors who have already taken this logical step or intend to take this step.” Marel Poultry is ready and fully equipped to support these entrepreneurs in their initiatives towards further processing.

Helix Drum

Visiting poultry processors were particularly interested in the way RevoPortioner can contribute to their profitability on a daily basis. The RevoPortioner is capable of producing the widest possible range of very consistent convenience products with virtually no meat loss, unrivalled weight control and the lowest possible cost of ownership. At Anuga, processors could see for themselves that the new, patented Helix Drum technology, by increasing the operational window and reducing wear and tear of the system, enables them to raise production volumes even more.


The fourth generation of Frank-A-Matic – the world’s very first automatic sausage linker  –  also attracted many interested Marel customers and prospects during Anuga Food Tec. This new linker offers industry leading consistency in weight and length control for continuous, high-speed collagen and cellulose cased sausage products, which appeared to be very attractive to the gathered crowd.