07/05/14 Updated 02/04/19

HB Grandi purchases RevoPortioner

On the first day of the Seafood Processing Global exhibition in Brussels this week, HB Grandi finalized their investment in a Marel RevoPortioner system.

HB Grandi produces products from groundfish and pelagic fish, caught and processed by the company’s 900 employees. It is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland and a leader in its field.

HB Grandi places great emphasis on using the very latest in fish processing technology and have been trialing the RevoPortioner at their processing facility in Reykjavik, Iceland.

They quickly recognized the system was a unique opportunity for them to add value to their fish products, turning trimmings into profitable opportunities.

We are impressed with the results and will be able to add value to our products with the RevoPortioner. Forming these shapes under lower pressure means we keep the natural bite of the piece, and this is what makes it a revolution for the fish industry., Torfi Þ. Þorsteinsson, Department Manager Groundfish at HB Grandi -

The RevoPortioner produces perfectly portioned products at low pressure out of trimmings and block material while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material.

This can be done without the need for additives to make it stick together, thus avoiding additional costs and keeping the fresh flavor of the fish intact. Consistent top-quality products such as fish cakes, fish burgers, seafood fantasy, and fish fillets, are made in an energy efficient process with an unbeaten payback time.

RevoPortioner copes beautifully with all meat masses—fish, poultry, or red meat—and with its portioning drum, which is quick and easy to change over; it can produce practically any shape.