30/05/17 Updated 07/11/19

High impact expos in Brazil and Russia

The month of May was characterized by two main events for Marel Poultry. Both in Brazil and Russia our presence turned out to have great impact on the visitors during ExpoMeat and VIV Russia.
VIV Russia 2017

At VIV Russia, which was held from May 23rd to 25th, the second day turned out to be the culmination of the exhibition with the most visitors by far. A large number of them were existing Marel customers, originating from different regions of Russia with a small number of customers from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In Moscow the Marel booth was shared by the Poultry and Meat industries. Its design, featuring some impressive, high walls, was overall appreciated. It made our presence at VIV Russia stand out.

Besides the new Thigh Fillet System and Innova Food Processing Software, the new Stork AMF-i intelligent breast cap filleting system attracted the most attention from the audience. Its ability to self-adjust the module settings to changing breast cap sizes received much acclaim.

Russian processors particularly liked the absence of manual adjustments. AMF-i automatically detects changing dimensions of incoming products and communicates its data to the downstream deboning modules which adapt themselves accordingly.

This edition of VIV Russia reaffirmed Marel Poultry’s strong commitment to support Russian poultry processors in the midst of their country’s rapid growing industrialization.

Expomeat Brazil 2017

Another AMF-i highlight

The ExpoMeat exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil, took place from May 9th to 11th and gathered a large number of stakeholders of the Brazilian animal protein industrialization business. “Considering this being the first edition of the exhibition, the number of visitors was in line with expectations and we see a promising future for the event”, said Lambert Rutten, Marel Poultry Sales Manager.

During ExpoMeat, Marel Poultry presented its new, innovative solutions for all types of processing, in particular, thigh filleting, breast cap deboning and cut-up. A highlight at the stand was the Stork AMF-i filleting system. Customers and other professional visitors were very eager to learn more about this new, intelligent development in breast cap filleting. Also the Stork Thigh Fillet System, presented for the first time in South-America, caught the attention of the audience.