04/04/16 Updated 28/03/19

High quality salmon skinning

Marel's Salmon Skinner series optimizes the flow of salmon processing lines and stands out for the way it skins fillets head first, without any loss in quality or capacity.
Salmon Skinner

Head first into salmon skinning

As salmon fillets are processed with the head first in all processing steps prior to skinning, fillets no longer have to be turned around to be skinned. The reduced handling ensures a better flow on the line, while the risks of damaging the fillet and bacterial contamination are significantly reduced.

The skinner is designed for traditional skinning, silver skinning, or deep skinning with optimum yield. The machine’s unique top feeds enable each lane to operate independently and minimize gaping by lifting off the product.

The salmon skinner is available both in a single lane edition MS 1355 and a dual lane edition MS 1710.

These simple and safe inline skinners will provide salmon processors with increased yields and unbeatable performance.