10/02/16 Updated 26/03/19

Highlights from the 2016 Marel Salmon ShowHow

Visitors from around the world gathered at Marel’s annual Salmon ShowHow, travelling from as far as Australia, Chile and China.
Salmon ShowHow 2016

Over 200 customers from 28 countries representing 119 companies gathered at Progress Point, Copenhagen, to see some of the major highlights of Marel’s industry leading equipment for wild and farmed salmon processing.

Ongoing live demonstrations gave representatives from both small and large salmon producers the chance to witness the advantages of Marel’s processing solutions first-hand.

Meeting current requirements

With the current challenges in raw material sourcing, pricing and sales distribution operators face constant pressure to achieve high yields and maximum quality.

Marel saw a focused interest in the new skinning methods and the trimming, slicing and portioning applications that deliver the increased yield, better quality and product reliability needed in the industry today.

Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software is available with all of these applications. Innova is an integral part of achieving this success, being one of the most advanced, user friendly processing control software in the industry.

Salmon ShowHow 2016

New Single Lane Skinner introduced

Marel introduced the MS 1355 Salmon Skinner. This new single lane skinner is designed to fit well into small to medium sized operations as well as to serve as an additional skinner in a larger operation.

The single lane MS 1355 Salmon Skinner operates head first using the same technique as its double lane counterpart MS 1710. This method greatly reduces manual handing and helps maintain the best raw material quality possible in the skinning process.

New Service Program

A new Service Program for the back and belly trimming MS 2730 Filleting Machine—the last ShowHow sensation—was well received and garnered due attention. Close to a hundred MS 2730 filleting machines are currently operating in processing facilities around the world, delivering outstanding throughput, yield and fillet quality. The new program is designed to maintain maximum operational efficiency for these machines.

Preventive maintenance is at the center of the new program, offering a structured way to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and maintain maximum performance.

The program aims at reducing downtime by providing scheduled preventive maintenance, performed by on site machine specialists. It is a welcome addition to any operational arsenal to ensure maximum uptime and yield. The program includes training for engineers and machine operators as well as direct access to remote support. A standard quality spare parts package is included., Bjarki Sigfússon, Service Area Manager at Marel -

Full process control

A popular stop on the show floor was the “Innova Office”, where visitors could observe and try out the Innova Food Processing Software and get a real sense of how the integrated production software could further add value to their production.

They saw how easy it is to manage yield, throughput, efficiency, quality and food safety, as well as stock levels and movement with Innova, a solution that many find integral to their operational success.

Working with some of the tightest margins in the seafood industry, salmon producers recognize the importance of full operational control using effective, fully integrated production software.

Salmon ShowHow 2016

In depth analysis of current processing challenges

Presentations from our guest speakers Even Heir and Gorjan Nikolik were well attended with high interest in the expertise they offered on different aspects of the industry. Nofima research scientist Even Heir who specializes in food safety and quality highlighted the critical need for improved strategies for Listeria control and elimination.

Gorjan Nikolik senior industry analyst on food and agribusiness at Rabobank International talked about the expectations for the global salmon industry, focusing on the position of the salmon processing industry in particular.