21/08/15 Updated 08/07/19

How effectively are your production lines running?

The new Innova OEE module will help you answer this question and take your performance to the next level. It calculates Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and provides detailed information about process performance.

The average machine in an average factory doesn’t normally run at 100 percent all the time and is therefore not effectively using its full capacity. This could be due to, for example, stoppages, running at reduced speed or producing products of the wrong specification.

The exact reason for any reduction in efficiency needs to be clearly defined and understood in order to enable processes to be improved. The Innova OEE module compiles performance profiles which include detailed figures for breaks, stoppages, wastage, etc.

Quickly identify production problems

Most importantly, the Innova OEE module presents data in the form of easy to interpret charts and graphs. Using the full report suite and analysis tool, it is possible to quickly identify and address the cause behind the most costly production losses.

Respond immediately to production problems

During processing, it is important to respond quickly if production is running inaccurately. The software identifies the reason for stoppages or losses. It then registers the details which allow an evaluation of the system to be conducted. Corrective action can then be immediately implemented in order to improve equipment effectiveness.

Once corrective actions have been started, the software tracks the effect of the improvements and quickly identifies whether the expected outcome has been achieved.


Innova software allows you to monitor and control every step of the production process, from receipt of raw material to dispatch of products.

It links together a range of Marel’s processing equipment and can communicate with other applications, such as ERP software, to give a powerful, interconnected management system.

The insight that the software gives, enables processors to identify opportunities for improvements and ensure production conforms to quality and food safety standards.