15/10/15 Updated 26/03/19

Icelandic fish processor Jakob Valgeir buys Marel fillet processing system

Jakob Valgeir ehf. in Bolungarvík, Iceland, has signed with Marel for a new whitefish processing system.

The system comprises a FleXicut for automatic bone removal, and FleXisort product distribution system, along with a packing grader.

The new processing system is designed around the FleXicut water-jet cutter that Marel introduced earlier this year.


The system cuts the bone frame from fresh cod, haddock, and Atlantic wolffish, and portions them very accurately, with or without skin, using predetermined cutting patterns that are based on Jakob Valgeir’s customer orders. The packing grader uses a new type of sorting flap that greatly improves the handling of the raw material.

The processing system will be installed at Jakob Valgeir’s fish processing facility in Bolungarvík, Iceland, in November. It is the fourth FleXicut to be sold since the machine was released for sale in May 2015, following extensive testing in cooperation with Icelandic fish processors.

We are making this purchase in order to increase production substantially and improve yield with more consistent cutting. The equipment will simplify the processing line, and the raw material will be treated more gently, leading to higher quality end products. It will also make it easier for employees, since the system is so good at cutting through skin-on fish., Jakob Valgeir Flosason, CEO, Jakob Valgeir EHF. -

“The FleXicut will open more opportunities to us, with various cutting patterns that can be changed easily and quickly from a central location. The new packing line will also improve the process considerably, delivering more precise weighing of packs,” says Flosason.