04/06/15 Updated 09/04/19

In-line marinating and massaging

The ValueDrum produces better-quality products, significantly reduces the cost of labor and minimizes product handling.

Unlike the conventional tumblers available on the market which are loaded batch by batch and mainly by hand, ValueDrum has been developed for the in-line production of coated or marinated fresh products.


Inline Concept

ValueDrum’s in-line concept removes the need for many of the product handling operations surrounding a traditional marinating and massaging process. This has a positive effect on the distribution of additives and on the speed of the process. Tumbler for even coating and marinating of product batches in short process cycles.

Unique Production Method

ValueDrum's unique method of producing high volumes by processing many small batches of product results in unrivaled high product quality. The ValueDrum allows different ingredients to be added in a controlled sequence and gives the possibility to apply specific product massage components. This leads to a much more consistent and higher product quality.

Smart Marinating

A measured quantity of coating or marinade can be injected automatically in one or several segments of the machine, making it possible to use combinations of marinades and garnishes.

Controllable Massage Force

A controllable massage force ensures that the marinade in the sections is not only equally distributed but that it also penetrates into the product. Depending on the product and the coating or marinade, dedicated massage components can be placed in the rotating segments in order to achieve the desired quality product.

We find that the ValueDrum is just excellent at producing loose, evenly seasoned meat in great quantities. The added value of this in a highly competitive market where cosmetics count every day is not to be underestimated., Claus Hubbermann, Plant Manager, Danish Crown Oldenburg Convenience -

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