27/03/15 Updated 26/03/19

Innova release 5.4.2

Innova release 5.4.2 introduces quality control improvements and support for I-cut 11/130/160

Quality Control Improvements

The Master Data Management system now supports the Quality Control module.

This feature allows inspection procedures and non-conformities to be managed from a central site and then deployed to multiple production sites. The system can either be used to completely configure Quality Control inspection procedures centrally, or to provide core configuration from a central site and add plant-specific procedures locally.

Conditional Inspection Navigation

Conditional navigation is a new feature in the Quality Control system. An inspection procedure can now contain both inspection items and inspection screens that are visible only when certain conditions are met.

This can be used whenever a deviation from standards is observed and this requires answers to questions that are not relevant when everything is as expected.

An example of this is when receiving raw material. If everything is as expected, the operator will only be asked to confirm and continue with the reception process. If, however, there is a problem, the operator is led through the process of gathering more detailed information about the deviation.

If, for example, the delivery truck is not clean, the operator is asked to take a picture to show the dirt. In addition, the temperature inside the truck is above the required limit, and therefore the operator is asked to register the temperature of each of the tubs that it contains.

Support for I-Cut 11/130/610

Support for I-Cut 11, I-Cut 130 and I-Cut 610 portioning machines has been added to the Innova Portioning module

Key Benefits

  • Remote control and monitoring of I-Cut 11/130/610 portioning machines
  • Intuitive cut program editor providing a user experience similar to the one of the portioning machine
  • Integrated cut simulator providing instant feedback on how product will be cut, based on proposed settings
  • Import and export of programs to and from machine.
  • Automatic integration with the Innova Alarm and Monitoring system.
  • Reports on portion sizes and weights, product yields, throughput and product values

Intuitive Program Editor

Cut programs are created using an intuitive graphical program editor. The editor provides a user experience similar to the one of the portioning machine. It guides the user through the process of creating programs and only presents features which are applicable and enabled for the machine for which the program is targeted.

Programs and settings can be imported into Innova from the machine or from a file, as well as exported from Innova to the machine or to a file.

Integrated Cut Simulation

The system can simulate portioning results based on the current cut program configuration. Innova displays a graphical representation of the simulated portions together with detailed information for each portion. The simulation is performed by the portioning machine which ensures accurate indication of the portioning results.