11/02/16 Updated 26/03/19

Innova release 5.5.1

Innova release 5.5.1 introduces integration with Active Directory (AD) to import users and manage access to the system, support for dry goods inventories has been significantly improved and the Grading Module has been redeveloped to support new application and utilize new features in the Innova core system.

Active Directory integration

The Innova system can now be integrated with Active Directory (AD) to import users and to manage access to the system.

AD groups are linked to Innova employee groups by the system administrator. Both user names and group membership can then be synchronized from either the Innova desktop UI or using a command line tool.

If the system is configured for single sign-on it is now also possible to log in to the system using a specific username, thus by-passing the single sign-on. This is useful for giving users who are not in AD access to the system, for example, service technicians.

Dry Goods Inventory

Support for dry goods inventories has been significantly improved. A special purpose dry goods form has been added with built-in operations to maintain the inventory.

More units of measurements are now supported, including volume and length, and special reports and PDA user interfaces have been made.

New, simpler processes have been defined to make it easier to keep a correct inventory.

Dry goods are registered into inventory as packs. When dry goods are assigned to production, the operator scans a pack label and specifies the amount used. Partial packs can be adjusted through a stock take process, allowing a detailed track of dry goods inventories to be kept.

Grading Module Improvements

The Innova Grading module has been redeveloped to support new applications and to utilize new features in the Innova core system.

Main features

  • Support for dynamic order control on A600 graders for both simple and intelligent batching.
  • Template-based grading programs.
  • Grader management Web UI.
  • Alarm support for A600 graders.
  • OEE support for all grader types.

Dynamic order control

Using Dynamic order control, it is possible to assign prioritized orders to a grader so that exact order amounts are produced in the right sequence. When an order is completed, the gates used for the order become available and the next order can be produced.

For fixed weight and CL-target products which are packed using intelligent batching methods and require multiple gates, the grader handles gate allocation automatically. An order is only started when a minimum number of gates become available. When the order is about to be completed, the gates are returned one by one so there are no partial batches at the end of the order. Multiple products can be produced concurrently subject to gate availability and the number of gates required for each product.

Dynamic order control is supported on A600 graders and TMS systems.

Template-based grading programs

The new version of Innova Grading introduces a new type of grading program called Product Settings. When this type of program is activated, it is copied into the Current product settings, which also holds information about the status of products on the grader. This provides improved configuration maintainability compared to standard grading programs where run-time product adjustments are not possible without changing the actual grading program.

The Current product settings form also displays production status information, such as current gates being used, current order and order progress.

Grader management Web UI

The system includes a set of web pages that can be used to manage a grader from any device that has a browser, for example, a tablet or the indicator on the grader.

All product parameters can be changed. Order progress can be monitored, the current order line can be closed and a new order line can be activated for a selected product. New products can be added and all applicable grading and batching parameters configured.

Alarm support

A600 graders are now supported by the Innova alarm system. The alarm definitions are imported automatically from the grader during the system configuration process or they can be updated manually at any time.

Alarms raised on the grader are automatically propagated to Innova. If OEE is enabled for the grader, the OEE subsystem is notified of the alarms.

OEE support

OEE support has been added to the Innova Grading module and is available for all grader types. The grading system provides OEE run-time performance data for all graders and OEE alarms for A600 graders.

OEE target performance can be defined in the Grading programs and Product settings templates.