15/05/18 Updated 28/05/19

Innova release 5.7.1

The Innova 5.7.1 release provides new streamlined reports and the Innova Recipe system.

New Streamline reports

Six new reports have been added to the Deboning system to show how employees have performed for products or product types.

  • Employee performance report
  • Employee product performance report
  • Employee product type performance report
  • Input product performance report
  • Product details report
  • Product type performance report

By default, the reports are located in a folder called Performance.

  • It is possible to drill down on the report data by clicking links in the report.
  • Links are indicated by blue, underlined text.
  • When a link is clicked a report tab opens with a new report that is filtered on the criteria that was clicked.

Employee performance report

Figure 1; Employee performance report

Employee product performance report

Figure 2; Employee product performance report

Employee product type performance report

Figure 3; Employee product type performance.

Input product performance report

Figure 4; Input product performance report.

Product details report

Figure 5; Product details report

Product type performance report

Figure 6; Product type performance report.

Innova Recipe system

Innova Recipe allows for control, real-time monitoring, and reporting on multi-step production processes. This includes the office and shop floor processes required to maintain recipes and assemble both intermediate and final products. Making sure recipe batches contain the right amount of ingredients combined in the right way is essential to ensuring consistent quality of the final product.

Innova Recipe is fully integrated with Innova Traceability, Innova Quality Control, Innova Inventory, and Innova Order Manager.


Innova Recipe provides full control over recipe-based production. Master recipes define the steps needed to create a specific product and the order in which they should be performed. Recipe batches are instances of a master recipe and can be started from the office or the shop floor and activated in production.

Once a recipe batch is active, operators perform the recipe steps in the specified order and receive instructions on what to do in each step. This means that ingredients are added in a specific order and if the wrong ingredient is scanned to the recipe the system will reject it. The system will also make sure that the correct ingredient amounts are weighed to the recipe, taking acceptable weight tolerances into account. A recipe batch can be created in a different size than the master recipe specifies. In this case, all weights and tolerances are recalculated before the batch is activated in production.

Recipe batches can be changed on the fly after they are activated in production. For example, it is sometimes beneficial to add an extra step, change the instructions to allow for some anomaly, or add an extra quality control step. All changes made to a recipe batch are logged, ensuring a full audit trail that shows who made changes to the batch.

All recipe steps performed are tracked to see who did what and when so it is easy to address any problems and learn from them.


Innova Recipe provides an easy-to-use recipe editor to define the recipe steps, including:

  • Where the steps should be performed and in which order
  • Which ingredients should be used and in which amounts
  • Possible alternative ingredients
  • What the final product is and how much of it one recipe will create.

The editor’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create and modify recipes.

Figure 1 The recipe editor


Supervisors can start a recipe batch from the office by selecting a final product and master recipe; entering the desired batch size; and deciding on which production line it should be made. Recipe batches can be defined in advance and activated in production later.

Recipe batches can also be started directly on the shop floor. Once batches are available, operators can see all steps available to them and are guided to perform the steps in the correct order. Steps might include weighing and scanning something to a recipe; confirming that instructions have been read; or performing a quality check. Recipe steps can be performed using a terminal or a handheld device depending on the step type.

Figure 2 Recipe step on an IPC terminal
Figure 3 Recipe step on a PDA


The following reports are available for Innova Recipe:

The Master recipe detail report shows the specifics of a master recipe. This includes all the process steps, ingredients, required weights, and allowed weight tolerances.

Figure 4 Master recipe detail report

The Master recipe history report shows all versions of a master recipe, how and when each version moved through the workflow from being a draft to being released, and who made each status change.

Figure 5 Master recipe history report

The Production report shows all batches produced within a certain time range and their status.

Figure 6 Production report

The Batch variance report shows any changes from the master recipe made to a specific batch.

Figure 7 Batch variance report

The Batch detail report shows all production details for a single batch.

Figure 8 Batch detail report