03/09/18 Updated 28/05/19

Innova release 5.7.2

The Innova 5.7.2 release add SpeedSort for ICut-122 and ICut-610, Improved dashboard designer and new board distribution report for I-Slice 3300


Marel no longer supports Innova running on SQL Server 2005. Microsoft extended support for SQL Server 2005 ended in 2016.


SpeedSort added for ICut-122 and ICut-610

SpeedSort removes trim rejects or sort products as an integral part of a processing line. The ultra-fast, rapid-response reaction conveyor opens and closes so quickly that it can remove trim from both the front and back ends of a single product.

Data is exchanged by the machine in the CPC profile section.

Figure 1; Speedsort strategy on I-Cut 610
Figure 2; Speedsort strategy on I-Cut122

Improved Dashboard Designer

Enhanced ability to create your own custom dashboards

Dashboards are now easier to customize and resize with the new Table Layout Panel feature. Decide which components you want to display. Select the Table Layout Panel and simply drag-and-drop the dashboard components into the table cells. Components can be resized within the cells. Cells can be resized within the table and the table can be resized within the panel. Components within the table cells will scale when resizing the table. Use the Row / Column designer if you decide to add or remove components.

The Dashboard Table Layout Panel is available in Toolbox > Base components > Containers > Table Layout Panel.

image 3c.jpg
Figure 3; Table Layout Panel in the Toolbox

After adding Table Layout Panel to the panel, use the Row / Column designer to add or remove rows or columns.

Figure 4; Row / Column Designer

Drag-and-drop Components to the cells of your layout design.

Figure 5; Drag-and-drop components into cells

Slicing Lines

New Board distribution report for I-Slice 3300

A board distribution report has been added to show the details per portion for I-Slice 3300. The report shows the portion (board) details by program, process period, and/or production day.

The report contains a table and two charts.

Figure 6; Table displaying different Weight % performance metrics for each portion (board)
Figure 7 Chart displaying how closely each portion matches the nominal weight.
Figure 8 Chart displaying performance totals