23/10/17 Updated 26/03/19

Innovation: A space to create

A new office space for the Innovation department at Marel's headquarters in Gardabaer, Iceland, was officially opened in October 2017.

Marel’s headquarters in Iceland are currently being redesigned and the first phase of that project was completed in October when a new office space for the Innovation department at Marel was opened.

Marel recognizes the importance of good office space and the impact it can have on employees’ well-being. A working environment can and should offer diversity and flexibility, and foster creativity and innovation.

Icelandic engineering firms EFLA and Ferill, as well as the architectural firm Apparat, were brought in along with several consultants, where a special focus was put on designing an office which emphasizes Marel’s values; unity, excellence, and of course innovation.

The goal was twofold; to meet the requirements of the Innovation department as well as the changed expectations that employees have in regard to their work environment.

Thanks to the results of this work, the Innovation department is now directly connected to the manufacturing floor where its products are being developed, and the office has facilities where people can collaborate as a team and also have the space to work by themselves.

Offering employees a good working environment is one of Marel’s top priorities and so the company is currently redesigning several of its offices in Europe and the United States.