03/02/17 Updated 26/03/19

IPPE kicks off

Marel stand crew warmly welcomes all visitors in a vibrant ambience
Marel Poultry at IPPE 2017

Tuesday January 31st, when the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA, opened its doors for the first day of the IPPE, our Marel stand crew warmly welcomed all visitors in a vibrant ambience.

Our booth's appearance responds to the highest expectations, comprising a cozy social area, a dedicated kitchen and chef's table and of course an attractive platform for all our innovative equipment.

With regard to innovations, the AMF-i intelligent breast cap filleting system and the Thigh Fillet System, the world's first inline high-capacity thigh deboning solution, are particularly highlighted. Besides that, the CAS SmoothFlow controlled atmosphere stunning system makes its first appearance in the USA, and the same goes for the ACM-EH cut-up system, with specifically designed product carriers allowing easy manual hang-in.

Marel Poultry at IPPE 2017

Day one of IPPE was a very busy day from start to finish. Marel Poultry had many customers come visit our booth. IPPE is estimating 30,000 visitors to this year’s exhibition and the first day is potentially the busiest day of the week. We had many customer meetings throughout the day in the booth and everyone enjoyed chef Jacques Roosenbrand's creations from the kitchen. The thigh fillet system received much attention as visitors admired its ability to provide bone removal with extreme efficiency and consistency without manual trimming needed.

At show close Marel President US Einar Einarsson said “What a great day and what a good looking booth”. The IPPE planning team was very pleased with day one and we look forward to another successful day tomorrow.