31/01/18 Updated 26/03/19

Leading the way at IPPE

Demonstration of all our latest innovative solutions in Atlanta

On Tuesday January 30th, when the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA, opened its doors for the first day of IPPE, the Marel stand crew warmly welcomed our customers to our impressive stand to demonstrate all our latest innovative solutions.

As Marel’s first large exhibition of the year, this is the most important exhibition for the poultry and meat industries in North America. Our impressive 6,000 square foot stand consists of a relaxed social area, a dedicated kitchen and chef’s table and an enticing platform for all our innovative equipment.

When it comes to innovations, Marel Poultry is highlighting, for the first time in North America, the ATLAS live bird handling system in coordination with the CAS SmoothFlow controlled atmosphere stunning system. We are also launching our new fully automated whole muscle nugget production line, the first of its kind in North America. It enables nugget production at high processing speeds, increasing throughput and product quality, improving yield and saving labor. The Automated Nugget Line is truly “A Cut Above”.

Also highlighted this year are the AMF-i intelligent breast cap filleting system and the Thigh Fillet System, the world's first inline high-capacity thigh deboning solution.

Day one of IPPE was a very busy day from start to finish. With an estimated 30,000 visitors to this year’s exhibition, Marel Poultry had many customers to engage with and show our latest innovations too.
We had many customer conservations throughout the day on the stand and everyone enjoyed Chef Jacques Roosenbrand’s creations from the kitchen.
The live demo of the Automated Nugget Line brought about much attention as visitors admired the precision of the cut nuggets. ATLAS, as well, garnered much attention as animal welfare is a very big topic in North America.

At the end of the day, Einar Einarsson, Marel USA President, said “It’s been a fabulous first day full of great conversations with customers and the stand looks amazing.” The IPPE team was very pleased with day one and we look forward to the next two days being just as successful.